Data & AI Infrastructure for Web3

Designed for apps and machine learning, Spice AI is helping developers working with web3 and blockchain data to build the next generation of apps. Easily get enterprise-scale data and AI infrastructure for web3.

spice ai platform

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An enterprise-grade solution from Spice AI, delivers planet-scale web3 data and AI infrastructure in a fraction of the time to build in-house and at a fraction of the cost.

Query blockchain data using simple SQL in seconds and fetch results in JSON or Apache Arrow for easy use with apps, machine learning, or libraries, including NumPy and Pandas.

spice ai platform
No need to build and operate complicated infrastructure to get the web3 data you require.
No requirement to understand and call JSON RPC APIs and smart-contract ABIs.
No need to operate blockchain nodes, indexing, ETL, big data systems, machine learning pipelines, and caching and query engines - the list goes on.
No need to manage 10s of TBs of data.

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spice ai platform
Built for High Performance

ApacheArrow APIs

The first web3 service to deliver developer-friendly, planet-scale data over Apache Arrow APIs, is designed for high performance from the get-go. Query and fetch millions of records in seconds.
Dedicated to the Developer Experience

Get Started with Just Three Lines of Code

Get started in minutes, not months. With, it takes just three lines of code to get rich web3 data in familiar tools like NumPy and pandas. Developer-friendly Node and Python SDKs make accessing web3 data easy.
spice ai platform
spice ai platform
Designed for Applications & Machine Learning

Build the Next Generation of Apps

Designed for applications and machine learning, gives you the tools and technology to focus on your core business and build the next generation of apps.
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Use to Query Blockchain Data in Seconds is the fastest way to query and access high-quality, complete blockchain data. Dedicated to delivering the best experiences for developers, we enable you to get what you need with a few clicks.

Learn more about querying with by exploring the examples below – then try it out for yourself.


Spice AI operates blockchain nodes,  indexes web3 data, and computes enriched datasets so you can focus on your application. Get started in minutes using developer-friendly SDKs with just three lines of code.

applications logos like Phython SDK, Go SDK and libraries like NumpY, Pandas and Web3.jsweb3 compatible JSON RPCSpice AI flow vs. Building Yourself

Engineering Cost
Data & AI
Infrastructure Cost
Web3 Node &
Indexing Cost
Time to Implement
Operational Cost
Enriched Datasets
Spice AI logo
Team plans start at $2,500. 50% off in preview.
Fully hosted AI/ML capabilities coming soon
Get started in minutes
Included with Team plans
Spice AI supported
Open-source datasets coming soon
Building In-House
$15k to $20k
per month, per engineer
$5k to $50k
per month
$1k to $5k
per month, per blockchain
Typically 3 to 6 months
per month, per engineer
Process and enrich manually
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XMTP is enabling web3 messaging between wallets. Spice enables us to leverage the rich Python ecosystem of data science and ML tools to build the best web3 data-driven experiences possible.
Peter Denton
Head of Growth, XMTP
metastitch's focus on web3 marketing and NFT analytics means data is critical to our business. Using Spice and their bulk data APIs we built an entire new class of NFT analytics in less than a week.
Spencer Cheng
Founder and CEO, metastitch
Keeping up with blockchain data at scale is a core part of Yakoa's mission to authenticate and protect NFT artwork, and the Spice AI platform works to power that capability.
Andrew Dworschak
Founder and CEO, Yakoa
Gwei is a Ethereum super-app that provides users with crypto data at the touch of their fingers. Spice provides easy access to a wide array of web3 data that powers Gwei's ethereum gas trends, as well as the upcoming token mints feature.
Yucheng Lin
Creator, Gwei app
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Core Features

Combine web3 data with code and machine learning to build the world’s next top data and AI-driven applications.

Ecosystem Compatible

Fetch millions of rows of data and access libraries such as NumPy and Pandas with ease. Use client libraries such as web3.js, ethers.js, and in combination with SQL query APIs.

Reliable Infrastructure

Managed Ethereum nodes enable you to focus on the data instead of building, managing, and operating infrastructure. Incorporate data and AI infrastructure alongside nodes to supercharge development.

Enriched Datasets

Fully supported high-quality, enriched datasets for tokens, NFTs, DEXs, and more.

Planet-Scale Data For Applications & ML is the fastest way to access real-time, historical blockchain, and smart-contract data. Get millions of records in seconds.

Combine Code with SQL Query

Use developer-friendly SDKs to query web3 data with ease, including joins across multiple datasets with filtering and aggregations, in just three lines of code.

Apache Arrow Format

Access developer, ML, and Data-Science friendly APIs with HTTP and Apache Arrow Flight (gRPC) endpoints. Query across multiple chains and datasets with filtering and aggregation in seconds.
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Building the Future of Data & AI-driven Apps Together

We’re building the Spice AI platform so that developers everywhere have access to planet-scale data and AI capabilities - the building blocks for the next generation of apps. Learn more about the platform, where it’s going, and how you can be a part of it.